Green Planet's Days at Municipality of Platanias : Meet Up with the Future!

“Green Planet's Days:Meet Up with the Future!” take place in Platanias, Region of Crete in Greece, coordinated by Municipality of Platanias. The weekly event is addressed to children, adults & all local communities to attend workshops , seminars & open door events for the empowerment of green job opportunities and introduction of innovative methods of training & education for gaining green skills in order to get ready properly for the future challenges in the field of green enterpreneurship.
Useful information: 
"Green Planet's Days : Meet Up with the Future!" will be addressed to the general public without participation fee.Municipality of Platanias invites children, students, adults & local communities to participate without fee in the above environmental activities in order to increase the environmental awareness, to face future challenges and create a cohesive society. If you want to receive more information for the weekly event please contact to : 00302821 3 40006 , Mr Gavriil Kouris, Secretary General, Municipality of Platanias.