About Green Week 2016

We love our climate. We focus on sustainability and green energy solutions. That’s where we write about.

We are a group of radical environmentalists. We want to protect our climate. Will you join us?

Green Week 2016 has ended, and was a great succes! Right now we focus on how to implement the things we learned, agreed on and decided. How can we make Europe more green? What can we do to stimulate European citizens to lead a more green and sustainable lifestyle?

This is our next focus with this website. We aim to upload blogs on different subjects concerning green energy, sustainability and a eco-friendly lifestyle. Our blogs will discuss subjects, issues and news items concerning these matters

Do you want to contribute? We happily support contributions from others. Please feel free to send us a message with a short introduction of the subject or blog you would like to share with our followers. We will decide whether your proposal fits within our goals and intentions with this website. Please respect this.

Together we can make Europe more green!

Sustainable Europe

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